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Criminal Litigation: Practice and Procedure 2021/2022
Author(s): Deborah Sharpley
Price: £35.99
Published: 30 June 2021
ISBN: 9781914202087

Criminal Litigation: Practice and Procedure  provides a thorough and practical guide to all areas of the law and practice with which the aspiring criminal litigator needs to be familiar. Written with the LPC in mind, this book is suitable for both the core module of Criminal Litigation and the Advanced Criminal Practice option.


Case study documents are used to demonstrate both common documents and skills required of a criminal practitioner (eg bail application, plea in mitigation, bad character and hearsay) and, in addition, examples are used throughout the text to illustrate points of complexity. Completed copies of the most important court forms are included where appropriate, and invaluable flowcharts can be found at the end of each chapter to assess understanding of the topics covered.






The Client and the Police

Investigative Powers of the Police (1) – Outside the Police Station

Investigative Powers of the Police (2) – Inside the Police Station

Juveniles at the Police Station

Role of the Solicitor at the Police Station

Procedure from Charge to Trial

Initial Hearings in the Magistrates’ Court


Preparation for Trial in the Magistrates’ Court

Summary Trial and Advocacy Techniques

The Crown Court

Sentencing and Appeals

Sentencing – The Law

Sentencing in Practice


Specific Types of Proceedings

The Youth Court

Road Traffic Offences


Visual Identification Evidence and Corroboration

Inferences from Silence

Hearsay Evidence

Confession Evidence

Exclusion of Evidence

Character Evidence


Case Study Papers 

Sentencing Guidelines

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